Alternative health practice is a natural approach to medication which is persisting in our society for more than thousand years. Ayurveda, Yoga, acupressure, massage as well as chiropractic are some example of alternative health treatment. Alternative health medication has a various different category such as mind-body correlation, complete medical system, body manipulation, energy medicine, diet based theory etc. Actually, Alternative medication douses not uses drugs, instead of this they focus on the type of issue. For example, if a person is suffering from mental trauma then they focus on the root of the cause, where they consider that most of the mental issues generate because of mental instability. So they try to maintain the mental peace and refrain from mental diseases. Interestingly, it also believes on superpower and superstition, at some instant, it is good that without using drugs we are able to defeat much physical trauma but sometimes it is very dangerous if a person dies because of improper medication.