Medication has several ways, one of the rare and unique ways of medication is alternative health. An alternative treatment is totally different from our traditional approach to medication. It is considered as a natural way of medication in order to have a good health. A report says that the USA has spent US$ 2.50 billion on alternative health so that they could understand all the aspect of Alternative medication and they also renovate the things. It has its own protocol including products, the principle of medication along with practice which is promoted by its user. Interestingly, the effectiveness of the therapy is not clear or we can say it does not guarantee the healing from illness since its practice is not the part of any medical healing.

Difference between the traditional and natural approach of medication

The traditional approach of healing includes biomedicine, in the principle of biology, biophysics, physiology and much is being used. If we talk about the alternative approach then it is based on superstition. Apart from this it also prefers hearsay, tradition, pseudoscience and many other unrealistic and unscientific sources. Some they leave there their treatment on supernatural power as well, from this we can imagine that how dangerous it would be in order to get a proper health treatment. Instead of that, there is some positive side of the alternative health approach which is really beneficial for a healthy body such as acupressure. In this treatment, you will not have to use any medicine but there are a number of acupuncture point in our body which is used to abet much physical trauma. One of the best parts of this treatment is you will not have to take high power drugs which are a threat for our body but for the treatment of critical diseases we have to have a drugs.

Interpreting different types of Alternative medicine

Now a day’s alternative meditation is getting popularity and one of the popular therapies is Yoga. Yoga is considered as a medicine which is a kind of physical activity in order to remove much physical issue such as reduction of fat, gastric etc. if talk about reducing fat then the physical activity is really very important. Well, there is a huge arena of alternative medicine because almost every country has their own alternative mediation, for example, yoga is originated in India same as acupuncture is very often in China or Japan. Apart from this, there is a various category of alternative healing. First of all, it focuses on mind and body correlation because we know that our efficiency of work and decision-making ability is depends upon our mental stability so in this treatment they focus on mental satisfaction or peace. Ayurveda is one of the effective whole medical therapies which is a type of alternative medicine and has a history of more than a thousand years.


Chiropractic, massage, acupressure etc are well known and used to improve health without using drugs. If we talk about chiropractic then it is based on body manipulation that means by physical activity or manipulation many specific diseases can be treated for better health. Energy medicine is base on Bioelectromagnetic in which we use magnet theory for the treatment of specific diseases. Apart from this it also emphasizes on a diet what we take such as herbs, the number of vitamins and much other nutrition. Hence Alternative medicine is continuing from so long in order to resolve much another physical issue.